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VPS (Virtual Private Server)

A virtual server is a good solution for hosting a website or software. The user gets the power resources of the physical server — RAM, cores and disk space. So, you can independently manage resources, install an operating system and have personal access. This gives you more freedom in resource management.

How to choose a virtual server?

Before choosing a virtual server, you should analyze your tasks and capabilities. This directly affects the choice of hardware configuration. If you assume the future development of the project, adding new pages and information, make a calculation for the future. Another important factor is the power of fiber optic channels. Do not forget about uptime, as well as additional services that can be free or provided for a fee. Support is also very important.

Some companies do not have their own data centers, but offer VPS/VDS rental services. They are resellers. You should always choose a company that has its own data center, as this affects the quality and speed of service and technical support.

Before ordering a service, you need to study the hardware configuration. For example, some companies offer an HDD, others use an SSD or NVMe. HDDs have a lower speed, which means it will affect the work.

Benefits of a private virtual server rental

Virtual hosting is different from a virtual server. The virtual server guarantees a minimum computing power that cannot be changed. Virtual hosting guarantees only a part of the resources, however, for example, there is always competition for the processing power of processor cores.

On a virtual server, you can install your own operating system, libraries and other necessary software, with Administrator access for Windows and root for Unix (Linux). Actually, a virtual server is an emulation of a physical server. You will be able to archive all content and settings. Also, there are no restrictions on the placement of sites and databases. The number of hosted sites will depend only on how many resources you have rented. In most cases, you can increase the allocated resources for a fee. As you can see, renting a VDS server is a profitable solution for various types of businesses.

VPS & VDS — what’s the difference?

These kinds of services are very similar, but there are some differences. VPS virtualization occurs at the operating system level (OVZ), while VDS virtualization occurs at the hardware level (KVM). However, now you can find companies that offer KVM virtualization even in the case of renting a VPS.

VDS uses its own operating system kernel, is completely isolated from other virtual servers and supports more OS installations. But, to expand the parameters or change the tariff, you will have to restart the server if you are using VDS. When using a VPS, there is no need to restart the server when changing settings, and this is an advantage.

Virtual server rental

If you need a quality virtual server with professional support, you should look at DELTAHOST offers. The company offers a wide range of hardware configurations of VPS for different projects. An important advantage is the use of SSD and NVMe for data storage. You will not see HDD in the list of hardware, and this is very important in the modern world, where the speed of data access largely determines the success of the project and gives the positive experience to the audience.

DeltaHost VPS

Other hardware parameters are also on top. Among the company’s proposals, you will not find obsolete low-power systems. Virtual servers are based on XEON processors (64 bit), which guarantees fast performance and stability. Depending on the selected tariff, the amount of RAM, the number of processors and the amount of memory differ. The company offers many low-cost configurations for small and medium businesses. There are also more advanced solutions for large businesses.

Rent a VPS server for Windows & Linux

An important feature is the division into Linux and Windows virtual servers. This is quite rare. Servers built on the basis of the Linux operating system are much cheaper. This is a good option for clients with a low budget. In any case, you get high stability through the use of RAID, free administration, malware protection and KVM virtualization. Also, you will be able to choose the Cpanel or Hestia CP admin panel.

If necessary, you can set up additional IPv4-IPv6 addresses, buy additional storage space and order paid administration. DELTAHOST guarantees 99.99% uptime and fast support. Physical servers are located in the USA, Ukraine and the Netherlands, you just need to choose. The company offers affordable prices for VPS/VDS (from $7 per month). Installation takes no more than two hours.

DELTAHOST takes care of reputation and does not place adult sites, various online casinos, sites promoting violence, drugs & fraud in any form.

Renting a virtual server gives you more freedom of managing your own project. By choosing a reliable service provider, you get a guarantee of stable operations and high data security. This will be convenient for you and the audience of your site.

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